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Yuliana Mendoza aka Silence Effects is an abstract/ambient photographer based out of La Spezia, Italia.

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The Graduate (Mike Nichols, 1967)

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No, not surfing I can’t swim!

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"My youngest daughter, Antoine, will be queen of France."

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"Marc Jacobs" by Taka Mayumi for Spur May 2014


"Marc Jacobs" by Taka Mayumi for Spur May 2014

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   by Anna Ristuccia

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I propose we not make plans, I propose we give this thing a chance and let it work out how it works out. So what do you say, do you wanna not make plans with me?
Leap Year (2010)

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I’m a stupid little girl with stupid dreams who never learns.

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The Hour by episode: 1.04 

You know, I do like your program. But it does make the world seem almost unbearably real.

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